Last Watch:  Accountability Advocacy

11/28/04 Feature:  San Francisco's AIDS Czar Hands Local CARE Council an Insult
11/28/04 Feature:  Where's San Francisco's AIDS Czar?

7/31/04 Feature:  International AIDS Activist — Now Hospitalized — Needs Our Help

7/11/04 Feature:
How to Help Ensure Smaller Bay Area AIDS Service Organizations Get a Fair Share of the AIDS Walk Funds

Are smaller AIDS organizations in the Bay Area getting a fair share of funds raised at the AIDS Walk, or is the majority of the money raised being diverted to Africa?  Information contained in the San Francisco AIDS Foundations’ IRS tax return for the period ending in June 2003 shows that 91% of funds shared with “smaller” AIDS Service Organizatios from funds raised at the AIDS Walk and other fundraising events was diverted to Africa. Between grants paid and grants payable to its global affiliate, the Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation (which shares the same San Francisco street address as SFAF), SFAF has diverted, at minimum, $22 million to Africa in the two-year period ending in June 2003.  How much more has SFAF diverted to Africa in the year ending June 2004 at the expense of helping people with HIV/AIDS in our own back yard, even as the Bay Area has lost millions in federal, state, and local AIDS funds?

1/22/04 Feature:

AIDS Drug Assistance Program:  California's Domestic Casualty?

1/10/04 Feature:

SFAF Claims AIDS Treatment Programs Might Be Cut Completely

1/10/04 Feature:

SFAF Chops Bay Area Services In Order to Divert Millions to Africa

1/10/04 Feature:

San Francisco's New Mayor May Eliminate AIDS Czar Policy Position

1/4/04 Feature:

San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s Pat Christen Asked to Resign

11/17/03 Feature:

San Francisco Mayor's Office Violates Open Government Law

10/9/03 Update:

San Francisco Board of Supervisors District Offices Ballot Initiative

9/15/03 Feature:

San Francisco's Stop AIDS Project Schmoozes Its Donors

8/21/03 Feature:

Walk ASOs Held Hostage?

Twenty years into the AIDS epidemic — in 2003 — the United States has been unable to curb the prevalence of AIDS diagnoses below a threshold of 40,000 new cases annually; provided this rate remains unchecked and steady twenty years hence, another 800,000 to 900,000 cases of AIDS will have been diagnosed, resulting in hundreds of thousands of premature deaths.  Those who have already died from AIDS-related causes are likely asking themselves about now who is minding the store, or if anyone is guarding the last watch.

After all, it is up to those of us still living to question, and demand answers to, current events.  As guardians of the watch, we are responsible — and cannot choose to ignore — advocating for accountability at all levels.

Dissent is part of who we are and how we operate. Sometimes that small group of people who are dissenters can ultimately, over a period of time, effect change.”


Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge
at the San Francisco Commonwealth Club, July 23, 2003

This web site was launched on AIDS Walk 2003 held July 20.  Its purpose is to explore ethical accountability from various AIDS Service Organizations (ASO’s) in addition to accountability from various levels of government, and to examine other AIDS issues.  The site contains opinions and commentary about issues culled, in part, from researching public records widely available.


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